Featured Falcon: New ISP logo creator Brooklyn Hornyak


ISP junior Brooklyn Hornyak created the new ISP logo this past year to replace the old one. The Pulse reached out to her in order to get more insight into her motivations and her creative process behind doing so.

How did you come up with the idea for the ISP Logo?

The design that I created is based on an idea that Mr. Hill had when I asked him what he would envision an ISP logo looking like. He said something along the lines of a bunch of school subjects floating around someone. Instead of just doing school subjects, I incorporated future jobs that people could have too.

What inspired you to take on this project?

I saw that Global had a flag. I thought that it was dumb that they had one and ISP didn’t. Then I started to think about what the ISP logo even is since the other houses have one. I asked Mr. Young what it was and it was basically the SMCS, Humanities, and Global logo all in one. I thought that that was stupid since none of the members of those houses are in ISP, so I decided that ISP needed a new logo. 

How long did it take you to come up with your design?

To come up with the design was quick but creating it took about 3 hours. 

Did you have any help or was this an individual project?

No one helped me create the logo besides Mr. Hill who helped with the idea but my friend Olivia was moral support so she did help me keep motivated. 

How many people know about your logo?

Anyone who has been into room 28 knows about the loo because the logo was intended to be on the flag. That flag is hanging up in the room. As far as I know, there are 6 classes in that room a day, and many other people have gone in and out of there since November. 

How did they react to the logo? Was it well received?

Some Global kids made fun of the shirt and said that it was stupid. That doesn’t matter though because it’s not theirs. To fund the flag we actually had people donate and everyone that donated was in ISP. Members of ISP thought that it was a great idea and we got a good amount of people to donate to make it happen. It was also well received by the school since it is becoming the official ISP logo.