Featured Falcon: Second fastest underclassman in the region Connor Kohne


Connor Kohne is a sophomore in ISP participating in cross country for the first time and is already one of the fastest sophomores in the state of Maryland. The Pulse wanted to interview Connor about his goals and academic life. 


How does it feel being one of the fastest runners on the cross country team?

Although I am not the fastest runner on the team it does feel great to be on the faster side because it allows me to be a role model and keep motivated.

What motivates you to run?

There are many things that keep me motivated to run but the big thing is definitely the people and the community.

How does your mindset in your athletics impact your academic life?

Sometimes my mindset in athletics can get away from me and make me feel as if I don’t want or need school but then I will eventually come back to the realization of how important my academics are.

How has joining a sports team positively impacted your social life?

Joining a sports team has positively impacted my social life by exposing me to awesome upperclassmen who have now become some of my good friends.

How does running with primary upperclassmen impact your mentality?

Running with upperclassmen really does not impact my mentality much because at the end of the day I just think of it as if I am running with some friends.

Why did you switch sports?

Well at first I joined track as a spring sport to enjoy with some of my friends but within no time I could tell that cross country and track and field were the sports for me. I say this not just because I am fast, but also simply because the community is like no other on this team.

Has running had any impact on your academics?

Fortunately as of right now, running has not had much of a negative impact on my academics because I have made sure to prioritize grades and school.

What are your big goals for this season and track?

There are many goals I have set for not just myself but also the Poolesville XC team.  As an individual during this cross-country season I really want to contribute as much as I can and hopefully break the 17 minute 5k barrier but also a big goal I have from a team perspective is to win states because I have been thinking about it since last year when I was participating in soccer instead.

How has the PHS XC community changed your perspective on PHS?

The PHS XC community has helped give me a strong purpose and helped make this big school feel smaller.