Students make final college decisions as school year comes to a close

As May 1 rolled around, every senior faced the tough decision of where to commit to college. The PHS Class of 2017 was accepted into a variety of colleges in the US and abroad, with many students receiving scholarships.

Like the majority of students across the United States, many seniors choose their college based on finances, distance, and their major. University of Maryland was yet again highly popular among seniors, with many committing to the College Park campus. Ivy League schools like Yale and University of Pennsylvania were also a hit among the class of 2017.

“I was looking for a school that was less than five hours away from home, also a cool environment in a location that was near a city [but] not in the city. They gave me a lot of merit aid…which is so nice for me and my family,” Kent State commit Beckah Trainor said, noting that she “felt at home” on the Kent, Ohio campus.

However, some seniors had different criteria in mind when choosing their home for the next four years.

“I chose Messiah College because it is going to provide an environment for me that encourages my faith and will help me grow my Christianity,” expressed senior Alessandra Molina.

“The Christian atmosphere, location relative to home, and finances were all equally important in my decision,” Molina states.

Senior Arona Baigal stated that “I weighed out my options by looking at the financial situation as well as the student life and what the college stands for.”