Possible Donation of White’s Ferry Would Allow Reopening

Possible Donation of White’s Ferry Would Allow Reopening

On Tuesday, April 16, the Kuhn family officially offered to donate White’s Ferry to Montgomery County to help resume operations following a three-year stalemate. 

White’s Ferry had been the last operational ferry of the 100+ that once crossed the Potomac River. At the end of 2020, operations were abruptly halted due to an unresolved legal dispute regarding the right to use land. The landing on the Virginia side is privately owned by Rockland Farm, and the court determined that White’s Ferry was trespassing upon this land. 

Since its closing, businesses and consumers have taken the brunt of the impact. Senior Alondra Batres, who would use White’s Ferry to shop at the Leesburg Outlets, has been unable to visit as frequently due to the inconvenience.

“The closing of [the ferry] has caused me to not go to Virginia as often as I used to, especially since it makes the travel time much longer,” Batres states.

Poolesville’s local business, White’s Ferry Store and Grill, has also reported decreased business since the ferry halted operations.

“The closure of the ferry made a great impact on our commuting customers who regularly stopped into the store for essentials or the grill for food,” a representative for the restaurant commented. “It is sad to have lost them!”

The Kuhn’s offer to donate the ferry to the county has been received positively within the community. County Executive Marc Elrich spoke at a press conference following the offer.

“I’m optimistic about how we’re going to resolve the remaining issues,” Elrich remarked.

The reopening of White’s Ferry would greatly benefit businesses and members of the community.

“[Restarting ferry operations] would be such a convenience, not only for myself but also my parents who work in Virginia,” Batres said.

For White’s Ferry Store and Grill, reopening would mean more than just increased customers and profit.

“The convenience for the daily commuters is only one aspect of the reopening,” a representative stated. “The history of [White’s Ferry] should not go unrecognized!”

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