Featured Falcon: Equestrian Sophia Kozauer


Sydney Rorke, Staff Writer

Sophia Kozauer is a senior in the Global house who participates on the eventing team at Bascule Farm. The Pulse interviewed Sophia about her horse, what she does, and some of her favorite memories revolving around horses. 

What kind of show riding do you participate in?


How do the events score? 

The lowest score (least amount of penalties) wins.

What’s your horse’s name? How old is it? How tall is it? What breed? What’s its personality like? How long have you owned her?

Her name is Rhapsody. She is an 11 year old Belgian Warmblood and she is incredibly sassy. She is also super sweet once she knows you though. If you scratch her on the back she will use her lip to scratch you back.

Other than competing, what else do you like to do with your horse?

I like to take her on trail rides with friends and to give her baths.

Out of dressage, showjumping, and cross country, which one is your favorite?

Cross country for sure, it is so exhilarating and my horse just locks on to the jumps.

What is your favorite part of horse competitions? 

The feeling after being done with the last phase (cross country) is so awesome. Lots of adrenaline and relief after a long day.

What is your care routine for your horse?

She gets fed grain twice a day and is ridden 6 days a week.

Who influenced your love of riding?

Probably my sisters. I was the last one of them to start riding and they loved it so much I thought I should try it out.

What is your favorite memory revolving around horses?

Going to the river with my friend and going swimming with our horses was really fun.