Featured Falcons: Head writers of the TV Production Club


Head writers Cooper Paksima (bottom center), and Jonathan Martínez (top center) at a meeting for TV Production Club.

Although there is no Falcon Media this year, several PHS students have gotten together over the past few months to start a TV Production club. The Pulse took some time to speak to two of the club’s head writers, Cooper Paksima and Jonathan Martínez, to learn more about the goals and overall function of the club.

What made you decide to start a TV Production club? 

Paksima: [Last year, there were not enough students who signed up for the] T.V. Production class which they had done in the past. I have an interest in creating performative writing, and I knew that forming a TV production club could bring together people interested in its various aspects to collaborate on projects that would be difficult for one of us alone to achieve.

What are your long-term goals for the club? 

Paksima: Long-term, we hope to continue to pursue whatever project interests us. This club allows its members to explore all various types and genres of the film world. As the club is relatively new, right now our long-term goal is to gain experience with the process and equipment.

Martínez: Right now we wish to start making weekly videos but with APs and SATs coming up it’s going to be hard to release that fast.

How did you find other people to join the club? 

Paksima: After getting the club approved, I began putting up fliers around the school for an interest meeting. We tried gaining members by visiting various other clubs like creative writing, and Midnight Players that we thought might be interested. Although we now have some people no longer participating in the club, I am glad to say that we have amazing and dedicated club members.

How did you acquire the equipment? 

Paksima: Fortunately, our school already had all of the equipment we needed to begin the club, from a class that used to be offered at Poolesville. With the help of our fantastic sponsor Mr. Conteh, we became familiar with the use of the cameras, lights, audio, and how best to utilize our equipment for the desired effects.

Who are some of your biggest cinematographic influences? 

Paksima: My influences are derived mostly from comedy; [namely] Late Night with Conan O’Brien as well as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. My largest influence is Michael Schur. He played large roles in writing The Office, Parks and Rec, The Good Place, and many more outstanding works.

Martínez: We try to create our own content but we have influences like José Padilha, Bradford Young, Spike Lee, Wes Anderson, and Guillermo del Toro that we wish to incorporate in future projects.