Calleva farm store focuses on home grown goods


Rachel Tievy

The Calleva store sits on Fisher Avenue in Poolesville.

Rachel Tievy, Staff Writer

Known for Markoff’s Haunted Forest, adventure-based outdoor summer camps and “Dirty Dinners,” Calleva added a farm store to their repotiure in 2019. The storefront on Fisher Avenue, in the center of Poolesville between Anytime Fitness and Poolesville Tire and Auto, houses both the fresh farm store and Calleva office. The farm store prides itself on selling fresh produce and locally sourced products to support the Poolesville farming community. In addition to seasonal vegetables from the Calleva Farm, the store sells fresh beef, eggs, honey, beeswax and baked food from the Calleva kitchen. 

The Calleva property is rooted in the Poolesville community, yet their farm involvement often goes unseen. Julie Clendenin, farm store manager, explained that one of Calleva’s main reasons for opening the store was to broaden community involvement and highlight the farm. Clendenin said her favorite product was the fresh farm eggs because they are collected by preschoolers in the “Farm and Forest Cubs” program, and having products that emphasize community involvement on all levels make the farm store what it is. Past selling fresh farm goods from the Calleva farm, Clendenin said that what makes the store unique is that they sell goods from other farms and local craftsmen with ties to either Calleva or the Poolesville area. 

In addition to freshly baked bread and cookies, vegetables, local beef, eggs, drinks and homemade loose leaf tea blends, Calleva has added non-food products to their shelves as well. While Calleva obviously wants to sell their own goods, they want to support local businesses, as well as make their product list more diverse. From goat milk based soaps from local vendors such as “Soapy Sam’s Handcrafted Soaps” and “Mountain in the Mist” soap by Thistle Thickets, to partially assembled gingerbread houses and local pottery, the farm store is constantly adding goods to their collection. The wooden kettle mobiles that hang from the ceiling are made by Calleva kayakers who have picked up driftwood off the Potomac River then constructed the natural mobiles; selling them in the store supports Calleva and the small business. 

The Fisher Avenue office location is home to the small farm store as well as the larger office space for Calleva. Clendenin explained that when they were remodeling the office space, they wanted to maintain the natural charm of the building, but add a modern twist to it. 

Clendenin said that “Matt [Markoff] was really the visionary for the building and wanted to incorporate the Calleva style with etched windows and natural wood.” 

Some windows are etched with mountain scenes and there is a long table made from a single piece of wood with a glossy map of the Potomac River drawn into the wood. By bringing together modern design and the natural beauty of the outdoors, the office area – complete with rugs and sofas – has a rustic yet professional feel. In addition to the smaller items available in the farm store, the office area houses kayaks, paddles and rock climbing gear as well.