K2 Cafe tests out new ‘Sip N Stitch’ community event


Photo from K2 Cafe Facebook

Peri Nelson and Kaitlyn Schramm

K2 Cafe has begun hosting biweekly “Sip N Stitch” community meetings. K2 cafe, a self-described fast-casual American cafe with Himalayan flair, offers a variety of food and drinks as well as a warm community atmosphere. The Sip N Stitch meetings are the first time the cafe has held a repeating event; an idea that has been met with overwhelming support from the community.

“At the first meeting, there were about 12 people that came, and at the most recent meeting, there were 16!” said senior Cassie Fielder, who is a barista at the cafe. 

The event is headed by the co-owner of K2 cafe, Nichole Hodges-Abbasi, who got the idea from numerous churches that held similar events as well as her own friend group.

“I have friends that get [together] and drink wine and stitch together and we thought – this is all about connection,” said Hodges-Abbasi. “Why not offer a space for people to sip and stitch at K2?”

The first meeting was held on March 7 from 6-8pm with the following meetings being held every other Tuesday. The meetings provide a space for people to socialize, learn from each other, and work on projects. Activities range from every kind of craft, from knitting to jewelry making. While Hodges-Abbasi herself is not an avid knitter, her favorite type of craftwork includes authentic Pakistani tapestries and quilts, which also make an appearance at Sip N Stitch. 

“The customers love to come to meet up with friends and make new ones,” said Fielder. “It is a very chill event, so some learn to crochet, some continue projects, and some come in to drink and chat.”

People with any level of experience are welcome to join. Local fiber artist, Jen Ansara of JK Fiber Designs has mastered most forms of stitchery and is available to help those who need it. Guests aren’t required to formally sign up and are encouraged to spread the word. K2 is planning on expanding the number of events they host so even if crafting isn’t your cup of tea be sure to keep an eye out for updates. 

Hodges-Abbasi mentioned that the meetings are all about connection within the community, and currently has a volunteer planning for regular chess meetings at the cafe. 

“We just want K2 Cafe to continue being a place that feels cozy, welcoming and open to the community for things that they love,” said Hodges-Abbasi.