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Tesla Cybertruck: A Promising Product Tarnished by Delays, Price Increases.


The long awaited Tesla Cybertruck, heralded as the next generation of electric vehicle, is proving to be beset by delays and financial troubles, which have decreased public interest and the likelihood of a successful release in 2024.

Tesla’s rollout of the Cybertruck has encountered a variety of challenges and unforeseen hurdles that have impacted the truck’s release date and cost, which has resulted in poor public reception and interest.

Financial math teacher Kenneth Kramek has interests in potentially getting a Tesla and has shared his insights on the market in relation to Tesla’s stock struggles.

“They’re faced with a pretty big challenge, creating a truck that can rival all the others on the market while still making it electric.  The delays were unfortunate, and they definitely could have done some things better.”

Delays of the Cybertruck’s release were found to be from serious powertrain, breaking, and suspension issues as well as structural problems with the outside chassis.  These issues resulted in the Cybertruck’s release getting pushed back from its original release date of Nov. 2021.

The Cybertruck’s high price point has presented itself as an off putting factor that is driving away potential customers.  Starting at $79,990 for the 2024 model, many consumers, while interested in a Cybertruck originally, have chosen to turn away from purchasing the vehicle.

“I would sure be interested, but I would never spend that much on a car.” Kramek said,  “80 thousand to 100 thousand, I would never spend that much.”

Even frequent consumers of Tesla products, including those who already own Tesla vehicles themselves, are hesitant to invest in a Cybertruck, despite having previous positive interactions with other Tesla vehicles.

Senior Diana Cortes’ family owns a Tesla having first hand experience with the brand. 

“Overall I do quite like a lot of the features that generally most Tesla products have,” said Cortes. “As for the Cybertruck, my family and I do not plan on buying it.”

A survey was conducted on consumers who were interested in purchasing a Cybertruck back when it was announced in 2019.  Upon being informed about the new pricing and final features of the Cybertruck, 67% of surveyed individuals said “no” to purchasing a Cybertruck, with only 33% of people still saying “yes”.  

Additional concerns regarding the safety of the Cybertruck’s design have been raised as well, with many safety experts noticing the dangers of the Cybertruck’s sharp stainless steel exterior, which could prove to be dangerous when hitting other cars or pedestrians at high speeds.

Despite all of its setbacks and problems, Tesla is due to send out their next shipment of Cybertrucks in early 2024, with orders being available to the general public beginning in late 2024 to early 2025.

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