Fortnite’s old Map Returns

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Fortnite originally came out in 2017, and took the world by storm. Although most players didn’t start until 2018, when it originally came out, almost everyone can agree it was the best. Fortnite has only grown since it came out and it has impacted the gaming world crazily. After a report by Game Rant, it was shown that Fortnite is the most-played video game on the planet with 3.8 billion cumulative days played. 

After Fortnite had shown it was the best game in the world, Epic Games, who developed the game, tried to do too much. In the start, it was a simple game that introduced an aspect of being able to build your own structures with a small number of players still learning the game. Once it had grown, as more people were playing, and more people started getting better, Epic Games started changing the game we knew and loved. They added new vehicles, new aspects of the game, and new game modes that made the game too complicated. This made the number of players plummet. 

Fortnite creators had grown so much because of the game, when they started holding tournaments and events in places like Las Vegas or New York City. Not only did this game allow content creators to grow tremendously, it also allowed other celebrities to grow their name. They were able to collaborate with people like Travis Scott, Marshmellow, J Balvin, Keanu Reeves, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and so many more. For example, Travis Scott’s Fortnite event drew in thousands of players during the beginning of Covid, providing a much needed glimmer of hope that Fortnite needed when it was on the downfall. 

Lately, Fortnite has been falling off and they have been trying their hardest to be able to keep their players playing. They have tried changing the map, adding new skins, and adding more collaborations. After none of this worked, Epic Games decided to listen to their community and bring back the old map. They decided to use a sense of nostalgia, trying to take players back to when the game was simple, back to when everybody had fun playing the game. 

On Nov 3rd, Fortnite officially brought back the old Fortnite map from 2018. This has made old players want to come out of their Fortnite retirement to finally play the game they remember and love again. This seems like Fortnite’s last effort to bring back their original fan base and revive their dying game.

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