Senior Wills 2023


“To my younger brother Adam, I leave you my teachers impressions of me To my closest friends, Gracie, Enguun, and Rachel, I leave you the memories of childlike innocence that we may never experience again. To all of my track and swimming girlies, I leave you my strength to pull through schoolwork and sports. I wish everyone well, for this is a chapter concluded in my life.” -Lina Abzakh

“To Ryan and Brady, I leave the leadership of Hero Club.” -Lauren Anderson

“To my sophomore friend Kartavya, I leave the Game Design Club.” -Sam Baggett

“Woodward and Silvia I leave as the heads of Midnight Players Construction (good luck). To my younger sister Clara I leave the responsibility of Human Trash Can (eating everyone’s extra food).” -Leah Becker

“To my younger brother Caleb, I leave the road rage filled drives to and from school. To Ava Wagner, Roma Diak, and Natalia Palacios, I entrust the spirit of the girl’s cross country team. To Olivia Robbins, I leave the role as Editor-in-Chief of the Poolesville Pulse, I know you’ll do amazing.” -Anna Bodmer

“To my baby sister Ruari, I leave the truck.” -Seamus Brennan

“To my younger brother Gregory, I leave my time management skills.” -Ella Burdick

“To the underclassmen I met this year, I leave you my renowned hating skills.” -Moiz Chaudhry

“To my younger brother Alejandro, dont be afraid to talk to girls. To my best friends Sam, Joshua and Jose, get that bag.” -Isaias Cruz

“To Izsak Nagel I entrust the weight room so he may one day grow big and strong💪💪” -Yanar Hanieh

“To Connor Kohne, I leave my props. To Anna Spiliotopoulos, I leave my pyramid schemes. To Landon’s sister, I leave full control of Prasad Records.” -Kevin Hsu

“I leave my left over ceramics to the janitorial crew.” -Lorenzo Jaramillo

“To my younger sisters Maya and Sydney, I leave you better study strategies than I had.” -Sophia Kozauer

“To Connor J Kohne, I leave hot summer track workouts and the boy’s cross country team’s morale.” -Aaron Longbrake

“To my adopted son Caleb Bodmer, I leave the spirit of metal.” -Declan O’Brien

“To Claire B., I leave the legacy of Right Wing, even if you don’t see it next year and its spirit is fundamentally altered. And to Ruari, I leave my heart. I will love you forever ….” -Anya Olson

“Big Q, you still owe me 15$” -Grace Parker

“To all my younger falcons, I leave the drive to change the world.” -Marijose Perez

“To the people interested in philosophy, I leave my failed philosophy and critical theory club.” -Aarsh Raja

“To my little sisters Laynie and Kate, I leave my parking spot.” -Anna Terragno

“To my brother Landon I will always fight for you even if I’m not in school anymore.” -Cameron Tetlow

“To my dog, I leave everything. To my friends, haha.” -Miguel Ventura

“To my dearest goofy goobers, I honorably bequeath my silliness for future exploits.” -Lilian Xiao