Softballs expanding roster paves way for continued success


Photo from PHS Falcon Boosters

Softball was able to field both a junior varsity (JV) and varsity team this year which is important to lay the foundation for future program success. This year, the team has wrapped their regular season with a varsity record of 6-8 and a junior varsity record of 6-4. While softball is a popular spring sport it has not always drawn the level of participation from PHS students. While that certainly does not take away from the competitive nature and work ethic that this team possesses, it does allow for different variations from both a coaching and playing perspective when student involvement may vary from year to year. This is most clearly seen by the ability of the program to field both JV and varsity squad, and fortunately, this happened to be the first time since 2019 that was able to happen.

Senior Lindsay Chu commented on some of the advantages that having both teams provides.

“I think it ultimately makes our team stronger, as it allows us to give JV players time to grow as athletes and expand their experience within the sport before joining varsity, which can sometimes be overwhelming for less-experienced players,” said Chu. 

Chu also elaborated that it provided the opportunity for more girls to see the field and have the opportunity to hone their skills and grow as players, something she said they struggled to make happen in years past. 

If there isn’t a JV team, then I do feel like I have to work more on fundamentals and beginner scenarios, which puts the varsity team a little behind,” said varsity coach, Laurie Wohnhas.

Wohnhas believes that the development of younger players is one of the most important functions of a junior varsity team and it is imperative to not just success at both levels but the longevity of the success. This is why she feels that although there might not always be a JV team, it is still important to improve the fundamentals of younger players who make the varsity team. This compounds the importance of the JV team as when those players are allowed the opportunity to compete and thrive to their full potential and develop, varsity coaches and players can focus on the success of their program.

With the burst of participation that was seen this season coaching was forced to shuffle to allow for the JV team. varsity coach Kelsey Carnahan took the position of JV head coach and while some adjustment was needed from players and to the practice format, those issues quickly settles and both teams were able to grow and succeed together. This increased interest hopefully cements a bright future for this program.