Up and coming designer Kate Barton launches sustainable Spring fashion collection


Image from Fab UK

Up and coming New York fashion designer Kate Barton is already making strides to be innovative in her designs with the inclusion of structural technology elements and sustainable techniques in the recent launch of her Spring 2023 collection. Barton debuted her line of 15 different avant-garde designs on Oct. 6, 2022. Barton noted that she took inspiration for her design choices from the discovery of new forms in fabric engineering. A minimal waste technique was used when draping the fabric which allowed for a seamless and dartless design. The “fabric-first” technique intends to create the maximum amount of volume and structure without wasted or layered fabric. This can be seen in Barton’s 3D structural elements within each design in the collection. She used multi-dimensional materials and innovative technology which worked to achieve a modern look for the evening wear designs. 

“Evening wear is definitely one of my favorite styles to work with because of the feeling of grandeur … and the extravagant feeling that comes with it,” said PHS student and Fashion Club Leader Stephanie LaPointe.

The recent 2021 graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design has already made it her goal to be environmentally conscious in the choices for her emerging brand. In her goal to be an eco-friendly brand, Barton uses Italian stretch satins and liquid blend organza with an eco-friendly fusible alternative made-up of over 50% recycled content.                                  

“I personally take sustainable fashion very seriously,”  said LaPointe. She ensures that fashion purchases she makes are from companies with sustainable values, both ethically and environmentally.

As fast fashion is increasingly becoming more of an issue for the environment, some choose to take steps to avoid it despite it being a very prevalent way of shopping.

“Over the past years l’ve significantly reduced my fast fashion consumption and the majority of my wardrobe is either second hand, bought from small businesses, or I make my clothes myself,” noted LaPointe, as a young designer herself working to be part of the solution. 

PHS’s own Global Ecology Studies Program teacher Ms. Clowe explained how she works to be more environmentally conscious in her everyday life by implementing small changes in her shopping habits by buying items second hand and monitoring the use of plastics around the house.  

“The little things add up so implementing small continuous changes is what will make an impact,” she explained. 

Understanding the current environmental crisis, Ms. Clowe works to keep a positive outlook on the issue. Kate Barton’s work within this new collection is a small step in the fashion world to taking better care of our environment.