Summer Bucket List ’22


Summer brings a variety of different connotations for different individuals. For some people, it means staying indoors and enjoying the cool AC in order to escape the scorching heat. For others, it means becoming a part of nature by going on hikes, taking in scenic views while camping and kayaking. For some, it means hanging out with friends everyday, not worrying about homework and sleeping in late. 

Regardless of everyone’s different view on summer, it is essential to make a list of all the things to do this summer. After all, summer doesn’t last forever. Making a bucket list helps make the most out of the limited time people have in the summer. A bucket list is a list of experiences and achievements one hopes to achieve during their lifetime.  Although we will not be making a list of experiences that we want to have during the span of our entire life, a list for the summer will ensure that vacation time is spent enjoying the warm weather and days without homework. Remember that a bucket list is not a to-do list and should not be treated as one. A to-do list is a list full of tasks that need to be completed, a bucket list is a list of ideas and activities to do this summer.

Brainstorming ideas for a bucket list may seem a bit daunting so here are a few ideas that we thought would be fun to do this summer. This list can be used as inspiration for a personal bucket list. 


  • Go on a picnic with friends — Bring some food, a picnic blanket, a small portable speaker and check the forecast to make sure the day will be sunny.
  • Start a garden — Grow some fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Explore local trails and go hiking — Go to and put in your zipcode to find trails near you.
  • Go to a concert with friends — Make sure to stay safe by following the recommended COVID safety guidelines.
  • Pick up a new hobby — A new hobby can be a good way to pass time and find something new that you are passionate about.
  • Start a journal or scrapbook — It can be a great way to document key summer memories.
  •  Have an old friend reunion — Hosting a gathering with old friends can be a great way to reconnect.
  • Go stargazing with friends — Make sure it’s a clear night and bring a few blankets and maybe a speaker and go somewhere you can see the stars.
  • Try on some new clothes — Going thrifting can be an affordable way to try on new styles and experiment with clothes.
  • Make a time capsule — Set a date for when you’ll open it and make sure that you put some things in there that represent your interests and things you enjoy.
  • Do a summer movie marathon — Choose a genre and watch movies back to back with friends and family.


 To make the most out of a bucket list, the list should be written down on a piece of paper or printed so that a physical copy can be hung up for reference.