Senior Wills


“I reached my goal of volunteering 1000 hours before graduating on May 7th, 2021 and I would like to dedicate my biggest achievement of high school to Mrs. Robichaud, who is a ray of starlight and one of my favorite teachers! One piece of advice I would like to leave is that people can change their minds – give people the space to change!” ~Anna Anand

“I leave the Team 4099 Business subteam to the amazing Business members. I know you’re all going to do amazing and help carry the team to new heights! My advice to you all: stand your ground and make sure your voice is heard! So proud of you and can’t wait to eventually see you all in person :)” ~Liz Attumalil

“Things always get better after high school and don’t let anyone tell you different. All you have to do is hang in there” ~Alex Barney

“I leave my motivation and concentration to anyone who procrastinates. May it help you complete all your assignments on time!” ~Apurva Choudhary

“Poolesville is what you make it, don’t sweat the small stuff. Finding success and happiness go hand in hand when you define your experience by doing the things that scare you. If anyone looks like they have it all figured out, they have it the worst of all. And most importantly, don’t take advice from seniors.” ~Andrew Chrisler

“Do not procrastinate. Seriously. Also, 4 years go by really fast, so cherish your time at PHS.” ~Annabelle Colton

“I’m passing the Combating Childhood Cancer Club and the Red Cross Club to teams of amazing women who never stop inspiring me. My advice to the underclassmen is to always follow your passion.” ~Roma Dhingra


“To my younger sister, who is about to be a junior next year. I leave my hard work and dedication to you. High school can be hard, and junior year is where it’s the most tricky. I want to give you this hard work and dedication because your class schedule is going to be hectic and you’re going to need to remember to always work smarter and not harder. Remember to always have fun, and to do the very best you can!” ~Indira Fayson


“I leave all of my personal belongings to Sean Groeninger in whose caretaking abilities I have not the least amount of faith. Self-respect is the bane of friendship, so stay humble, join XC, and make memories while you can.” ~Mac Gallagher



“Make sure you make the most of your four years at PHS because it goes by quicker than you’ll like to imagine.” ~Akshaj Gaur

“I leave my love, strength, and the Shakespeare club to Tessa Brizhik. Enjoy your senior year! You’ll always be my Hero. To all of my teachers, thank you for continuing to motivate, teach, and uplift us even through screens.” ~Brenna Girard


“Procrastination gets you no where.” ~Ainsley Hagen

“I leave my perfect attendance to my sister Makena Heller, I know she’ll keep it up for me, and I leave my hiking boots for Jessie Rothenberg who will actually get to use them for field trips her senior year.” ~Samantha Heller

“I leave the future of the Girls’ XC team to Anna Bodmer, Kaviya Kandaswamy, Caroline Simons, and Daisy Dastrup. I advise them all to do indoor track and to keep running.” ~Lillian Hsu

“It’s important to have a good balance between hard work and having fun. Good luck to everyone!” ~Alison Hu

“My advice to any incoming freshman would be stay caught up on your work. Once you fall behind it only gets harder to catch back up. It may be annoying, but it will help in the long run!” ~Emily Huber

“I leave my dedication and outgoingness to all the upcoming seniors. Go to your prom, it will be your only chance. I’m talking to you introverts.” ~Colleen Hueting

“I leave my dedication and appreciation to the wonderful teachers at Poolesville High School who have made online school as entertaining as possible. My advice to them would be to make the most out of the little time they have with their students.” ~Joseph Jubilee

“I leave my time management skills to my little brother Adrian, who is starting at Global next year. May they serve him well throughout high school.” ~Marina Karapanos

“To my sister Helen, I leave the family’s Subaru Outback and my collection of Poolesville apparel. I’m going to miss our car rides and you blasting music; may you always be able to firetruck the car in the school parking lot. I entrust the school paper to Sophia Brandt, I know you’ll take good care of it and leave it even better than you found it. Last but not least, I leave lunch in room 61 to any future Humanities students. Make good friends there and don’t take any moments together for granted.” ~Dora Kreitzer

“I leave my knowledge to the young men who I was around and hung out with. I hope you take what I taught you and I hope I showed a good example of how to be a good leader and to respect people around you and to help those in need. Remember to be protectors and to be someone that others look up to not someone they despise.” ~Max Knight


“I leave the spot on the floor behind the senior bench and next to the vending machine to anyone who wants to have a great time with their friends. Eating lunch with my friends there is one of my fondest memories, and perhaps you’ll still be able to hear our laughter echoing off the walls. I would also like to say a tremendous thank you to all my teachers and staff who supported me throughout my time at PHS. Thank you for shaping me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful.” ~Lucy Mao

“To my brother Jonathan, I leave the old minivan in hopes that he passes his drivers test and that it keeps running for his last two years of high school.” ~Melany Martinez

“Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back once in a while and self critique. I wish I applied this earlier, even though we were taught this at a young age, it takes an au courant maturity to exercise it.” ~Noah Masri

“Looking back on my time at PHS, I smile thinking of time spent with friends and trying new things like softball. My advice to the younger grades would be to not take things too seriously and be sure to carve out time to spend with friends.” ~Sophie Michaels

“That Econ textbook in Mrs. Bowles’ classroom right under her cabinet? Yeah, I took that from Mr. Sohn’s class. Don’t worry — I actually used it to study for tests! I hope future students benefit from random bits of knowledge found around Poolesville!” ~Srujan Penikelapati

“In my time at Poolesville, I treasured being a member of Global, and forming tight knit relationships with Global students, teachers, and alumni. I would like to thank every Global teacher for instilling me with environmental values, and teaching her how to have the optimal work life balance. More specifically, I would like to thank Ms. Adah for all the Rice Krispie treats. I encourage all Global students to attend the Appalachian trail trip. Remember: it doesn’t rain on Global students, it rains on ponchos.” ~Lauren Perl

“I leave the luscious bleached grass covering the infield dirt and endless divots to the future years of Poolesville baseball.” ~Alex Pope

“This is supposed to be my “will,” a testament to the presence I have left behind, and while writing this I realized that I spent HS building this presence from scratch. Although I knew it was important to put myself out there, I discovered that the most important realizations I had about myself and my setting came from an aerial point of view. Therefore, I use my experience at PHS as evidence to this piece of advice (Thanks Humanities teachers): Don’t be afraid to take a step back and observe. You can miss the hidden intentions, both good and bad, that life throws at you― my personal favorite: the little bundles of joy that fell from the oak tree in the side courtyard when times were the hardest.” ~Radhakund Ramnarine

“Make the most of your time here. All of my plans were set for junior and senior year, which was ruined by Covid-19. Don’t miss out on all the fun stuff like I did.” ~Jenna Repep

“I leave my stage manager’s desk to Miranda Wang, Meredie Cohen and Ava Michelle Turley. My advice would be to never let anyone put anything on it. I also leave my sanity with Caitlyn Fanelli and Tessa Brizhik because they definitely will need it.” ~Evie Scott

“I leave of all of the tiaras in the costume room and love to Rachel Smalley. My advice to her would be to always be yourself and stay amazing.” ~Brooke Speed



“If I have one regret about this year, it’s that I missed out on things like Prom – I feel like I missed out on something that I’m never going to get back. To those who come after me – go to those dances and parties. They might seem a bit dumb, but you’re lucky to have the chance to go.” ~Camden Spielman

“I leave my stress and uncertainty to the juniors below me. To Mrs. Heaton, I leave that picture I taped to the box above the teacher’s desk in room 8. Hopefully, it’s still up. To Mr. Rogoza, I leave my love and passion for music, that he might inspire more students with it.” ~Reid Taylor

“I hope the new freshman global students take upon the shad project for their senior project and continue it throughout the next few years!” ~Saahith Tupakula

“I leave anything gross found on the light booth floor to Carolyn Levine, who will no doubt appreciate the food.” ~Max Vodra

“I dedicate my dance career, Dollar General snack runs, and good memories to Anna Porch, Ceci Zeranski, Aubrey Dorman, Ella Rommel, and Charlotte Gularson. I also leave Charlotte with the Canadian greeting as well as my role as carpool driver to ballet.” ~Charlotte Vogel

“Make sure to enjoy time with friends and family!” ~Calvert Walton

“I leave behind all the time I spent waiting for the global bus to reach the speed limit (it never did). Use it to catch up on sleep.” ~Benjamin Winig

“Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you cannot accept.” ~Jason Wu