Staff take different approaches to at-home learning

Within the school system there is a myriad of staff working, oftentimes behind the scenes, to make schools run as smoothly as they do. From Building Services and Security to secretaries and counselors, these staff have different perspectives and ways of dealing with the current closure of schools than you would see from the teachers themselves. 

For example, counselors, provide valuable emotional support and relief to students which normally requires in person interaction as students should feel a meaningful connection with their counselor. Mrs. Melissa Nagy, on of the school’s counselors, would have been meeting with students everyday in order to discuss things from grades to someone’s mental wellbeing. However her transition onto Zoom and other online connection platforms has come with some struggles as she states that “It is not always easy to see a person’s body language through Zoom…. I miss the days when I could send passes for students and meet with them in person.” Face to face interaction can never truly be replaced with an online conference or email discussion. 

While many teachers are using zoom to interact with their students, when working with other teachers or staff, people normally communicate through email. Mrs. Teri Gregg, one of the schools secretaries, stated that she prefers “meeting people in person to explain or help.” She would normally spend her time in the Main Office receiving phone calls and working with staff and parents to solve routine problems. However, because of the pandemic she has not been able to speak with these people in person, stating “sometimes the written word is taken differently than intended.”

There is a variety of staff within schools that have had to change the way they do their jobs because of the closure of schools for the rest of the year. Their interactions and ways of life have changed but their dedication to making sure that schools run smoothly has not wavered as they all continue to push through the obstacles they face.