TopGolf: A 2 Week Review


The start of 2020 is the time for new beginnings, life makeovers, fitness goals and most importantly, the opening of the Germantown TopGolf. Breaking ground in Germantown Town Center more than four years ago, the establishment has recently opened its finally finished doors to the public. Complete with 102 bays, three floors, a full service menu, and trendy music, the business has the perfect formula for a great time, but be prepared: fun ain’t cheap.

Be warned; the new opening has called just about everyone in Montgomery County to the 65,000-square-foot facility. It was a rude awakening for my group to hear that our plans to “just check it out” would have to be pushed back, because a reservation must be made to secure one of the 102 coveted hitting bays. The wrap around net looms almost menacingly over Germantown’s skyline, so it’s never out of sight. The glow of electric blue on the parking lot was giddying and beckoned me to have a good time. One of the most appealing factors of the Germantown location is its proximity to all PHS’ students, out of town, local, practically anyone in the school building. The Germantown building is ten minutes and twenty miles closer than the Loudon location. Within its 45 mile radius, it is the only location of its kind, resulting in more time to be having fun for less of a drive.

One of the reasons TopGolf is so successful is because it’s truly a one of a kind business. Combining a leisure activity with advanced technology, takes an entirely new spin on the sport. There are different games galore, but the traditional starter proves most fun for all skill levels. Golf can be difficult to master, but TopGolf can’t control the customer’s skill level, only the stress-free, no judgement environment in which they play in. Germantown TopGolf doesn’t differ in the experiences offered than any other TopGolf, but the business as a whole has come up with a unique concept in a tapped-out world. Cheers and guffaws from the other bays can be heard just above the latest music hits. Opening just a short while ago has not impaired the service.

All good things must come to an end, and our time there ended very quickly as the minutes started to add up on the bill. Even with an 8 person group, the minimum price for a bay and 60 minutes of gameplay is $100 on a Friday or Saturday night. Sharing 60 minutes with 8 people flies by, but the less people, the more swings per person resulting in a cycle of more and more spending. The constant pressure of triple dollar signs prevented us from buying food, although it looked delicious from the menu and the surrounding bays.

“If TopGold could change one thing, I would want them to change the price of their food,” notes Top Golf frequenter ISP senior Keegan Morrison. Morrison has been to both the Loudon and Germantown location multiple times.

Appetizers range mostly around $7-$10, with burgers, flatbreads, and sandwiches ranging from $10-$13. The waiter sighed disappointingly every time he came by to ask if we wanted anything.

Between this location and the Loudon one, these “workers are notoriously nicer and faster,” adds Morrison.

It’s a conscious effort to keep this a low cost activity, but it’s nearly impossible. The music and liveliness radiating from the employees is hypnotic and making leaving the facility a difficult choice. The bay is rented by a flat rate fee and an hourly one, so staying there only adds to the bill.

Even just three weeks out from their soft opening, the Germantown TopGolf is booming! Is it worth the price? Yes. Is it feasible to go every Friday night? Probably not. If it’s your first time going, be prepared to spend lot in order to feel all the love TopGolf has to offer.