Vatican launches ‘Click to Pray’ eRosary for $110

The Vatican announced the launch of the ‘Click to Pay’ eRosary last Wednesday, October 16th. The rosary is intended to attract the younger generation to the Church and promote praying for world peace and contemplating the gospel. These beads can be worn as a bracelet and connect to a free app, which is activated by making the sign of the cross with the beads. Through this app, which provides an audio guide and personal content, the user can choose a “standard” or “themed” rosary and track progress on the prayers. The rosary features 10 agate and hematite beads and a smart silver cross. Fr. Frédéric Fornos, SJ, the International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, was the first speaker on the project, stating “The rosary is a beautiful spiritual tradition for contemplating the Gospel with Mary, it is a simple and humble prayer. In a world of indifference and in the face of so many injustices, poverty, elementary rights denied, praying for peace in the world means reconciling ourselves in our daily relationships, with the poorest, with the stranger, with different cultures and spiritual and religious traditions, but also with our land, our forests, our rivers and oceans.” Christians can now share the passion of mobile prayer around the globe because of this new technological innovation.