How ozone pollution is suffocating our society


Photographic by Leeah Derenoncourt.

A little bit of ozone goes a long way. And, here, in the tri-state area of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we have more than just a little bit of ozone. Despite increasing policies to improve air quality, the American Lung Associated has rated the District of Columbia as having a failing grade (F) for air quality. The surrounding counties are a range from F’s to B’s. But, as stated, just a little bit of ozone can go a long way.

Ozone has a multitude of negative health effects including but not limited to reducing lung function, aggravating already present lung diseases, and even causing serious illness such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Our young, our old, and our already suffering from previous illnesses such as asthma are most at risk.

We are suffocating our society. Reduce Ozone Pollution.