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Love, Simon shows LGBT representation on the silver screen

On March 16, 2018, Love, Simon was released and has grossed $11.5 million in the box office. It has also achieved a high score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.
The movie centers around high school senior, Simon Spier, played by actor Nick Robinson. He is portrayed as closeted and the film explores Simon’s feelings and friendships while hiding under the weight of his secret. There is only one other openly gay kid in Simon’s high school, but Simon and the audience know there is another closeted boy. Simon spends the movie messaging the mysterious Blue, the undercover gay boy who attends Simon’s school and develops his confidence in being gay. Simon, under the pen name Jacques, becomes comfortable and considers coming out and multiple different points in the movie, until a threat to his privacy arises and he is forced to do things that end up ruining his friendships, just to keep his secret safe.
Humanities freshman Jaida Barksdale believes “[the film] is another step towards normalizing being a part of the LGBT+ community because it still is something that a lot of people are ashamed of a look down upon.”
The movie was the first LGBT+ movie from a big movie company, 21st Century Fox. Robinson’s character is different from Mean Girls’ Damian Leigh or Clueless’ Christian Stovitz. Simon is relatable because he questions why only non-hetero people need to proclaim their differences to their friends and family. He faces struggles and misconceptions about him while also getting bullied after his secret is dishonorably revealed.
Humanities freshman Riley Vodra expressed her thoughts on the movie: “It got the gays well, that was the point. They did actually do really well and I don’t want to downplay that. They captured a lot of feelings well. It was nice to see the Jewish representation and the racial diversity also gave good contrast to Simon’s minority.”