New grocery store scheduled to open in Poolesville

After the closing of Selby’s in 2012, Poolesville is getting a new grocery store, slated to open in fall of 2018. After years of Poolesville residents fighting for a new grocery store, the efforts are finally being granted.
When Selby’s Market closed its doors in 2012, many people in the community expressed their dismay. Not only did people lose the convenience that comes from having a grocery store in the neighborhood, they also lost a familiar and comfortable gathering place. From neighbors who enjoyed chatting at the register, to kids who stopped by to grab a snack after school, the market was beloved by all.
The Town Commissioners listened to residents’ feedback and have taken many actions to get the community a new grocery store. According to the Town of Poolesville website “The town is leveraging the relationship with the town’s marketing firm, Van Eperen & Company, to take the lead on much of the preliminary process”. The company looked for the prospective grocery store using a specific plan. They began by compiling a list of current stores and markets to contact regarding opening a location in Poolesville. Van Eperen also purchased the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Grocery Industry Directory in order to make the search more efficient. Finally the joint work of both the town leadership and the people has achieved success.
The potential owners, brothers Kevin and Jason Kirsch, come from a legacy of supermarket owners. The Chevy Chase Supermarket has been in the Kirsch family for three generations. Due to leasing complications, the Chevy Chase Supermarket will shut its doors for good on March 31.
“One door closes, another door opens,” Jason Kirsch commented to Bethesda Magazine. He also noted that the store will host a selection of produce and prime meats along with a wide variety of deli meats.
In addition to opening a full sized grocery store in Poolesville, the Kirsch brothers have a corner store and pharmacy on Grubb Rd. in Silver Spring and have plans to open another on Nelson Road in Rockville.
So far the announcement of the new grocery store has been received well by the community. Resident of Poolesville and 9th grade student, Caroline Clyne, stated that “I’m excited for the new store to open, I think it will be a valuable addition to our town.”