Lockett, Satsangi stand out among the pack in Cross Country

Before joining the cross country team, Nandini Satsangi and Ryan Lockett probably couldn’t imagine how important they would end up becoming to the team. Today, both Nandini and Ryan contribute immensely to the PHS Cross Country Team. Nandini is a junior in the Global Ecology program while Ryan is a senior in the Independent Studies Program.
Both are the fastest in their respective sides of the team. Yet, when other members of the team were asked what stood out the most for each of them, it wasn’t their speed. Instead, it was their personalities.
Zander Leff, a sophomore and member of the cross country team said, “Ryan makes the team feel fast and powerful. He wins most races, and he’s usually relatively serious. Nandini essentially does the same for the girls side of the team, but she has a more of a warm and friendly aura. Both make the team feel unique and superior.”
Another member of the team, sophomore Garrett Gularson said, “Nandini and Ryan are both integral to the team. They are first off our fastest runners, but they encourage us in our goals and set an example for the rest of the team. The most astounding thing about them is their perseverance and determination when they set their mind on something. If they want it bad enough, they can and will find a way to get it.”
This was certainly proven recently, as Satsangi and Lockett both placed 1st in their respective races at the Class 2A West Regional Meet last Thursday. Ryan has also recently committed to running for University of Virginia’s Division 1 team.. The team, which is headed by PHS teacher Mr. Prasad Gerard, currently holds a boys and girls record of 2 wins-3 losses for both teams.
When asked about how both athletes have changed throughout practice, Mr. Gerard said, “They have both become more confident in their abilities and have risen with the challenges that have been thrown their way. Ryan has worked on being team leader and supporting his teammates. Nandini has asserted herself in races and her times have dropped. What is so remarkable about both of them is how resilient they are.” Both athletes are going to the FootLocker Northeast regional championships with hopes of qualifying for Nationals.