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The new water filter in the Falcon Foyer. Photo courtesy of the Poolesville Pulse.

The new water filter in the Falcon Foyer. Photo courtesy of the Poolesville Pulse.

The new water filter in the Falcon Foyer. Photo courtesy of the Poolesville Pulse.

New filtered water fountains make a splash at PHS

PHS recently gained two new additions of EZH2O water bottle filling stations: one at the main entrance of the building and the other besides the gym. The new fountains filter the water, resulting in cleaner, better-tasting water, while the bottle-filling feature encourages minimizing plastic bottle waste in the environment.

“I love the new filters!” says humanities junior Taylor Ramirez, “They’re especially helpful because I stay after school for POMS practice everyday and need lots of water. Before the filters I would have to bring two water bottles from home or just save my water for practice but now I can refill my water and have clean water for practice too.”

“I think it’s fantastic that they encourage use of non-recyclable water bottles. The counter above the fountain that keeps track of how many plastic bottles have been saved from being dumped in landfills creates an awareness aspect,” says head of the Global Ecology magnet program Ms. Erin Binns.

The idea was first brought up by the Instructional Leadership Team Representatives current SGA senior president Sapna Bagalkotkar and current junior Joshua Tiren two school years ago during the 2015- 2016 school year. After the initial proposal, PHS’s business administrator Ms. Susan Krouner took the idea and investigated options.

“It’s been a long time coming,” says SGA advisor Ms. Alexandra Hicks. “First the funds were approved and then we had to figure out who could pay for them. Then the request to get them installed had to be approved by MCPS.”

Bagalkotkar cites the inspiration for the idea as the water bottle hydration station at Cafe 107.

“As ILT representative I would ask around and people would say [that] we need better water. I thought that it couldn’t be changed, but then I remembered the water bottle station at Cafe 107,” says Bagalkotkar.

Determined to make this idea a reality, the SGA and PTSA teamed up to each purchase one fountain, each costing over a thousand dollars.

“When we presented the idea of the water bottle filters, the administration was open to our suggestions and critiques, [which shows that] the voice of the student body is powerful,” says Tiren.

Hicks says that the new fountains are part of the SGA’s efforts to make “small changes” in improving the school condition.