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Juniors show spirit at the pep rally. Photo taken by Meghan Dower.

Juniors show spirit at the pep rally. Photo taken by Meghan Dower.

Juniors show spirit at the pep rally. Photo taken by Meghan Dower.

Students bring board games to life for homecoming

Dance club senior Anshul Chatterjee busts a move at the pep rally. Photo taken by Meghan Dower.


This year, PHS kicked off the school year with a series of events that led up the homecoming dance on Oct. 7th.

This year’s homecoming started with spirit week. From Oct. 2nd to 6th, students dressed up every day according to a theme. Monday was Get Up & Go Day, Tuesday was Team Day, Wednesday was Wacky Day, Thursday was Decades Day, and Friday was Black and Gold Day. For spirit awards, the Seniors came in first while the juniors came in second.The pep rally at the end of the week created a bonding moment for the students. Weather permitting, this was the first outdoor homecoming pep rally in many years, and the students were more pumped up.

Junior class treasurer and member of the Poms team Amy Zhu expressed that, “This year’s pep rally was so special because it was outside. I really felt the energy coming from the school and I just had so much fun performing!”

Many students stayed after on Oct. 5th to compete for homecoming hallway bragging rights. This year, the themes were boardgame based, with freshman as Scrabble, sophomores as Candyland, juniors as Game of Life, and seniors as Monopoly. Everyone showed their competitive side as they rushed to create the best hallway. PHS students showed their creativity as they covered the ceilings to the floor with detail. The sophomore class came out on top in first place, with the senior class following in second.

Another highlight of the week was the homecoming football game. The student section was packed, and alumni attended the game to support PHS. Varsity football played against Rockville High School and won 47-6. Connell Oberman and Sam Garrett each made two touchdowns and Zed Tejada and Foster Holmquist each made one touchdown. The crowd roared with every touchdown and celebrated together. At the end of the game, powder was thrown into the air and fireworks were shot into the night sky.
Football player Hirschel Nambiar has expressed that the football game “was a good, fun game. We dominated throughout the game and everyone worked hard. I was glad that we won against one of our rivals.”
Homecoming Queen senior Bridgette Hammett has gushed that “Knowing that this was going to be my last homecoming was whack, but it was fun every moment through! This year’s homecoming was really special as I’ve made so many new friends and become close with some old homies. Getting to share the experience as seniors was really exciting!”
Homecoming King senior Darrell Marshall stated that “What made this year’s homecoming special to me was that it was my last homecoming, so I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest extent. The whole weekend was truly the best in all of my 4 years at PHS [which] I’ll always remember forever. I am happy to be apart of these great Poolesville traditions.”