First male cheerleader joins Poolesville’s cheer team

img_0185It was the last week of May 2016 when sophomore Vincent Chim participated in the joint poms and cheer tryouts. His participation was a major story around Poolesville at the time. No one had ever thought of having a male student tryout for what is a predominantly female sport at the high school. However, Chim broke the spell. Chim had originally tried out with his heart set on a spot on the Division 1 Poms teams. However, after being offered a spot on PHS’s junior varsity (JV) cheer squad, he jumped at the chance.

Students at Poolesville were not only surprised, but they were proud after learning that Chim would become possibly the first boy to perform as part of a Poolesville spirit team.

“Everyone was really surprised, but just to imagine having a boy on the team. It’s so cool!” recalled an anonymous student who had taken part in the tryouts as well.

Despite having dreamt of joining the poms team, Chim was ecstatic to be apart of the JV team.

“Actually, I chose JV, because I thought it would help me with […] poms, but I ended up really liking it,” said Chim when asked about what was his motivation behind tryout for the spirit teams.

Not only did Chim like cheering, but cheer liked him. Soon, the football season was in full-swing and Chim was out cheering at most JV football games.

“I’d have to say Coach Jen helped me the most,” remarked Chim.

Jennifer Clark is the coach for the JV cheer team at Poolesville and helped Chim work his way through learning each cheer and stunt that the team performed.

“Without her I probably wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now,” Chim says.

Soon enough, all of Chim’s hard work paid off as he was offered a chance to move up and perform with the varsity cheer squad at their counties cheer competition.

“It was shocking,” said Chim about his opportunity, “I was grateful that they chose me.”

Although his move to the varsity team was exciting, Chim was faced with the need to learn the whole 3-minute routine in just over a month. Finally, on November 12th, 2016, it was Chim and Poolesville’s varsity cheer squad’s chance to wow the judges at their counties cheer competition. After an amazing performance which included several successful stunts, one of which saw Chim as a flyer in the air, and minutes of exhilarating dances, the squad waited for the final results of the day to be announced.

After their amazing finish the previous year, winning 2nd place and placing for the team’s first time in 7 years, Poolesville’s varsity squad hoped for as equally amazing of a result. The MC of the day began with the 3rd place award which was given to Seneca Valley High School and at that moment, each member of Poolesville’s team was crossing their fingers. After much suspense, the MC announced 2nd place, which went to Poolesville. The crowd went wild and the team jumped and cried of joy. With that 2nd place win, the varsity squad were awarded the opportunity to advance from the division 3 position to one in division 2.

After the competition, a member of Poolesville’s team was asked about Chim and his contribution into their success to which they answered, “This was a team effort and we could have never done this without him.”