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Fall fashion combines old favorites and new trends

This fall season has brought several new and old fashion trends together. Trends such as burgundy colors, knee high boots, and flannels have repaid a visit this season, combined with the new emerging suede shoes, booties, cropped sweaters, and leather skirts.

Plaid flannels are one of the signature fall apparel items that define fall, with it relating to fall activities such as pumpkin picking. Many students have innovated the look, by paring and other clothing items with vests to add warmth and add a bit of pop.

English teacher Mr. Brian Matthews describes plaid flannels as “incredibly comfortable.”
He says “They are warm, and you can’t look bad in them. Everyone looks good in places and darker colors, it’s really hard to go wrong.”

Knee high riding boots have also made a return this fall, with many students pairing their black and brown boots with sweaters, long sleeved tops, and or a scarf. These boots can also match well with denim skirts in blues, blacks, and browns. However, the debut of suede shoes has brought a variety of other styles, such as thigh high boots, booties, and ankle boots, which add a touch of class to outfits. These low cut booties can be paired with dresses, ripped jeans, or leggings. As new footwear trends surface, we say goodbye to some of last years prominent trends such as Hunter boots and Doc Martens, although they still remain a fall favorite for some students.

Another fall must have is dark sweaters in burgundy, grey, and royal blue that pair well with boots of all kind.
Junior Beverly Soriano fonds over her admiration for fall colors, stating that she loves “deep rich colors. I’m in love with all the deep red, royal blues, dark oranges, and emerald green that been everywhere this season. Last year was very pastel and I feel like the darkness of this year is more sultry and elegant. I love wearing it because I feel mature and it really has a vintage feel.”

Many students at PHS like shopping at Urban Outfitters and American Eagle Outfitters to get their fall clothes because they have everything from warm sweaters to chic and innovative pieces.

Senior Kelly Simonson notes that “I will occasionally make a look my own with the killer fuzzy sock and croc combo.”