Model UN Team brings home array of awards this year

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization that has been tasked with maintaining global order since 1945. The delegates to the UN come from nearly 200 countries and have led tens of peacekeeping missions all over the world. The Model United Nations club at PHS allows students to simulate the same meetings that UN delegates go through everyday.

Model UN is a program designed by the United Nations Association of the United States to allow students to take part in authentic simulations of the UN assemblies.

This year at PHS, over 40 students took part in the club led by staff sponsor Ms. Lisa Kellert and Student Secretary Generals seniors Samantha Goldsborough, Jackson Malmgren and Heather Boocks. These students attended several Model UN conferences where they each played the role of a delegate from a country of their choice and participated in assemblies related to their position. Students can represent the United States at the Model UN General Assembly or take part in a Crisis Committee.Amongst all the preparation and participation in big conferences, students involved with Poolesville’s Model UN team are mostly excited for the awards and recognitions given out after each conference.

“The Poolesville Model UN team has really grown and developed in the past few years. We’ve also been achieving record highs in recent years,” said Under-Secretary General Angela Wang.

The team won many awards this year, from individual recognition to Best Delegation at American University’s AmeriMUNC. This year’s individual winners included seniors Coleman Martinis and Samantha Goldsborough, and junior Laurel Kim. However, not only were the students able to take away rewards for their hard work that went into each conference, they left each conference with a better understanding of the United Nations and issues that the organization is faced with every day.

In addition, students were able to visit college campuses in the DMV including Hood College and American University.

When asked about her best takeaway from her Model UN experience this year, junior Paris Copeland said, “Model UN helped me choose my top choice college, American University.”

As more and more students take part in Model UN conferences across the world, awareness of global issues among younger generations has done nothing but grow.