Students elect Matt Post as 40th SMOB

Eric Guerci’s second year as SMOB is coming to a close as incoming senior at Sherwood High School Matt Post takes the reins. Post was Guerci’s Chief of Staff and Vice-President of MCR. He helped Guerci behind the scenes and now is ready to take on the role of SMOB himself. Post’s primary goals include representing all students equally and helping students have the best education they can.

In the first 50 days in office, he hopes to remove WiFi blocks on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, change the anti-phone stance for middle schoolers, create a student council that reports directly to the superintendent, add mental health awareness to the middle school health curriculum, and give every high school an open lunch policy.
Post hopes to stand up for all students regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or background. He wants to make schools more welcoming by expediting renovations, adding solar panels and green roofs to more schools, and fixing any broken air conditioning or heating units. He also wants to help students who are falling behind in class by providing more ESOL classes for students in need. Post will fight against budget cuts to arts programs, overcrowded buses, and hate in the classroom. Overall, Post hopes to expand opportunities for all students, create a 21st century classroom in all schools, and establish communication that can get to all students efficiently.
Running against Matt Post, Alex Abrosimov fought for many things as well.

Abrosimov has built a county-wide student union, served as class President, worked as Richard Montgomery High School’s MCR Liaison, and has founded a successful non-profit organization, Cured for Life. If Abrosimov was elected, he hoped to give Minority Scholars Programs more funding, help students who are falling behind in class by fighting the achievement gap and prioritizing ESOL programs, remove unfair internet browsing restrictions in schooland many more. However, Abrosimov lost during his second SMOB campaign on April 26, 2017.

Both candidates campaigned for months to win this election and represent all MCPS students. At PHS, Matt Post won the majority of votes with 68.02% of the votes. Overall, Matt Post won the election with 62.7% of the votes, which includes middle and high school students.

A MCR member at PHS, Sophomore Michelle Gu has expressed that she “thinks this year the student body will be represented very well on the Board of Education. Matt is a great public speaker and has actively testified to the board and in Annapolis to our state delegates and senators.”

Post says that he has “Heard our student body loud and clear. I’m in the process of forming a SMOB advisory council whose membership is proportional based on schools, so we’re achieving representation from every area of the county. I’m also focused on creating a new communication network so I can be accessible to concerns and hear from folks every week.”

Current SMOB Eric Guerci told that, “these past two years have seen transformative change.

We have hired a new superintendent of schools, secured record funding amounts for both capital and operating needs, reimagined testing, embarked on a review of our choice and special academic programs and greatly augmented communications networks.”
As the year comes to an end, Guerci wants to tell all the MCPS students, “It has been an honor to serve as your SMOB these past two terms. Your support has been humbling, and I hope I have made you proud. What I am constantly reminded is that Montgomery County is a great place to live and go to school because our student body is composed of incredible people!”