New cafe opens in Poolesville

At the heart of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve, Poolesville is known for its small town flair and large small business presence. A combination of the two, the Watershed Cafe has replaced Zaglio’s Bakery when it opens on May 15. The restaurant’s owner, Ben Ritter, is a former farmer. Ritter promises great coffee, friendly service, and a clean and relaxing environment. Taking advantage of the produce, meat and dairy in the Montgomery County area, he hopes to provide great food while using as much as possible from all the local farmers in the area.

Ritter has lived in Poolesville for over 10 years and taught the farm program at Calleva for 6 years. He began working towards the cafe about 4 years ago and had to deal with multiple changes and even a different name until the Watershed Cafe came to be. “In many small towns there are cafes or Starbucks, but I wanted to combine the two and bring the best, most comforting experience possible to this small town,” He said, as he believes this is the first place of its kind in Poolesville.

As a matter of fact, “Our name… refers to a geographic area that drains all the streams and rainfall to a common outlet… We want to gather people in our community together for shared experience, conversation, and great food and drink,” is stated clearly on the Watershed Cafe website, exemplifying the cafe’s goal to be a “watershed” for the diversity of Poolesville.
PHS Senior Emma Whitehouse, an employee at Watershed, explains the difference between Watershed and other restaraunts in town as having an emphasis on the quality of food, from the high quality coffee beans to the fresh eggs. In fact, the menu comprised of coffee, homemade sandwiches, salads, soups, and fresh baked treats is all made from scratch. In addition, Watershed creates almost all of their own sauces and dressings. In the future, customers can look forward to different specials that really exemplify what the 93,000 acres of rural farms in the Agricultural Reserve have to offer.

Whitehouse says, “Everyone puts in their share to make it a great experience for the customer,” which is why she loves working there.

“If you’re unsure about going to Watershed, don’t be! The service is good, the food is great, and the coffee is simply phenomenal,” Whitehouse exclaims.