Jonathan Leong

Jonathan Leong

Swim and Dive team wins sixth championship

The boys and girls swim and dive teams are once again Champions of the 3a/2a/1a West Region as well as state champions for the sixth year in a row. At regionals, 10 new meet records were set by swimmers and they set two new team records.

The Boys 200 medley relay record was set by swimmers Justin Kim, Ben Kaplan, Kevin Song, and Conner Dunathan. This was also a team record. The girls also met the 200 medley record with members Autumn Wang, Helena Narisu, Katarina Lechner, and Theresa Nardone. Nardone also broke the record for the 50 freestyle and girls 200 freestyle relay with her teammates Moshelle Borjigin, Julia Wang, and Fanny Wu. Kim set the record for the boys 200 freestyle and Theodore Jagodits set the record for the 100 meter freestyle. The girls 100 meter backstroke record was set by Borjigin. She also set the girls 400 freestyle relay record with her teammates Wang, Wu, and Lechner. Theo Jagodits, Kim, Dunathan, and Song set the meet record and team record for their 400 freestyle relay.

At states, several athletes achieve their fastest times of the year during the meet after pressure from swimming at big meets like Regionals, Metros, and Divisionals for the previous three weeks. The girls won win 363 points, with second place at 233 points. Boys also won with a score of 347.5, compared to the second place’s 240 points. A team record was broken again in the 200 freestyle relay for boys, courtesy of Jagodits, Dunathan, Kim, and Song. Kim also re-broke his own team record in the 100 backstroke.

Coach Jonathan Leong said he was “very happy with how the team carried themselves, demonstrating sportsmanship and school pride as they cheered for their teammates and congratulated other athletes they competed against.”

No other MCPS school has more than three titles for boys, and this season they set their sixth title. This season gave the girls their fourth straight titles.