Speedball: Poolesville’s March Madness

Speedball is a time honored bi-annual tradition at Poolesville. Combining some of the most exciting aspects of the PHS student experience – competition, sport, and fanfare – the tournament is sure to keep student energy high as we transition seasons (the first tournament in the fall, the second in spring). This past week, students competed in their second exciting set of games this school year.


For those who do not come out to the games, or those who are just assimilating to the PHS community, here are speedball’s basics: students assemble teams of eight to compete with each other in a knockout tournament. It begins with eight teams in the bracket, narrowing it down to the championship game on Friday. Teams must be started by upperclassmen, but underclassmen can always join in. Often without any practice, players step out onto the gymnasium floor ready to combine their athleticism with skills learned in the sports they play.


At every tournament there is fun on both sides of the action, and this season was certainly no exception. Students playing love competing alongside and against friends and peers. Students supportively watch, in Poolesville fashion, to see action packed games and destress.


Sophomore Roshawna Marshall says, “I love the Poolesville crowd! Everyone is so supportive, no matter the score. You could be down by a couple points and they will still be cheering you on. If anything, I’d say the crowd is what motivates me.”


This past tournament, after four days of close games and stunning upsets, ended in a 5-2 Goal Diggers win over Abusement Park 2.0.


All in all, the games bring the school together, quench our thirst for competition, and refresh Falcon pride.